We want to know all about you, your idea, what inspired it and how you can take it to the next level.

The first step is your chance to pitch us your big idea.

This entails entering the official online application form, answering a handful of key, preliminary questions and submitting it by the contest’s deadline.

From there, all of your personal and identifying information will be redacted/blacked out (we like a fair competition absent of biases, folks!) before our judges review the competing ideas. If your idea impresses at this stage, you’ll be invited to the second phase of the BIG IDEA CHALLENGE.

Phase two means business.

You’ll be asked to provide a video that further introduces yourself and your idea. You’ll also be asked to provide a more formal business plan for bringing that idea of yours to life. Another round of judging will follow and, if you pass the test, it’s on to the final phase.

Those invited to the final phase will present their idea in-person to a panel of judges.

(And, yes, there will be some very familiar faces!) Following the final/in-person presentation phase, the judges will decide the winner(s) of the BIG IDEA CHALLENGE.

Now that you know what to expect, here are some important dates to keep in mind:

31 March
Application deadline.
1 April
Round one judging begins.
Applications are CLOSED for the 2022 challenge and the judging/selection process is underway.
The official rules and regulations of the BIG IDEA CHALLENGE may be accessed here.
13-20 May
Begin notifying candidates as to whether they are progressing to the next round (or not.) Those moving to round two will be provided with next steps and deliverables.
15 July
Round two deliverables deadline.
16 July
Round two judging begins.
5 August
Candidates selected to progress to round three are notified and informed of next steps and deliverables.
22 October
Interviews with finalists and third round of judging.
1 December
Winner(s) are announced.

The official rules and regulations of the BIG IDEA CHALLENGE may be accessed here.