To enter THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE: AN EDUCATION INNOVATION CONTEST™, it boils down to this: We want to know all about you, your idea, what inspired it and how you can take it to the next level.

The first step is your chance to pitch us your big idea.

This entails completing the official application form, answering a handful of key, preliminary questions, preparing a quick video and submitting it by the contest’s deadline.

From there, all of your personal and identifying information will be redacted/blacked out (we like a fair competition absent of biases, folks!) before our judges review the competing ideas. If your idea impresses at this stage, you’ll be invited to the second phase of THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE.

Phase two means business.

You’ll be asked to provide a more formal business plan for bringing that idea of yours to life and will present your BIG IDEA to a panel of judges. The judges will then select who makes it on to the final phase. 

The all-star judging panel will review all elements submitted – the initial application and video, any plans, budgets and supporting documents, a video recording of semi-final presentations, and in consultation with the Agassi and Engelstad Foundations, will discuss and review all finalist submissions and select the winners of the 2023 BIG IDEA CHALLENGE.

The 2023 winners have been announced – learn more here!

2024 Timeline TBD – stay tuned for updates!

The official rules and regulations of the BIG IDEA CHALLENGE may be accessed here.