We want to help jumpstart your unique ideas like never before – so much so that up to $500,000 in total contest funds are at stake!

During THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE journey, the judges will be learning all about you, your BIG IDEA and your vision for it. Your key to securing a portion of these funds will be showcasing the true potential of your concept. Funds will (and must) be used to take your idea to the next level — ultimately making a positive impact on Nevada students.

So, keep your eye on the prize… but also keep your heart on improving our educational landscape. It’s the key to potentially having your BIG IDEA equate to a big award.

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2023 Winners

 Shardae Chenoweth and Dr. Biante’ Gainous, Las Vegas educators, received $200,000 to grow their Financially Lit platform. Financially Lit is an experiential learning opportunity for students to exist within a microeconomy where scholar dollars are the currency. Financially Lit will be packaged into 4 distinct S.T.R.E.E.T. resources. S.T.R.E.E.T. is an acronym for Student Teacher Resource & Economic Empowerment Tool, spanning learning opportunities on financial literacy to project-based curriculum designed to challenge students into thinking critically about their passions and how to monetize them.

2 THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE 2023 | The Big Idea Challenge

Rhea Watson, known as the “Scholarship Doctor” with Las Vegas-based Scholarship Solutions, received $150,000 in funding for her “A Scholarship A Day” app. The app will give students of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and economic statuses access to college and scholarship information and opportunities. The app will also allow students to search for and view scholarship opportunities in real time and provide students with daily reminders of scholarship due dates, college information as well as tips and tools related to skills like essay writing.

4 THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE 2023 | The Big Idea Challenge

Natalie Adame, a Las Vegas native and Nursing student at Gonzaga University, Robele Abdi, a Marketing student at UNLV and Nefeli Georgilas, a Computer Science student at UNLV, received $150,000 for their SchoolM8 Educational Management Webapp. SchoolM8 will be designed to help students streamline their educational journey in one centralized website, eliminating the need to use multiple sites. Each semester, students will be able to add their classes and coursework to a calendar, along with their teachers’ contact information, syllabi, and required textbooks. Furthermore, students will also be able to take notes and study in one location. SchoolM8 aims to prevent material and time confusion, ultimately helping students stay organized and focused on their educational journey.

3 THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE 2023 | The Big Idea Challenge


Let’s keep this simple, shall we?

To enter THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE: An Education Innovation Contest™, it boils down to this: We want to know all about you, your idea, what inspired it and how you can take it to the next level.


The first step is your chance to pitch us your big idea. This entails completing the official application form, answering a handful of key, preliminary questions, preparing a quick video and submitting it by the contest’s deadline.


Speaking of the deadline, here is one important date to keep in mind for the BIG IDEA CHALLENGE:

2024 Timeline TBD!


The official rules and regulations of the BIG IDEA CHALLENGE are very simple and straight forward.