The need for education innovation in Nevada could not be clearer.

Nevada ranks 40th in the nation in education. Those engrained in education in Nevada faced unchartered hurdles at the hands of the COVID-19 pandemic, As we slowly emerge out of the pandemic, there are additional obstacles on the horizon, too.

Now, more than ever, we need to encourage our residents to step forward with their ideas and empower them to make an impact. If individuals, small groups, organizations and/or anyone in between have a concrete idea for improving education in Nevada, now is the time. 

We want to hear from and embolden you. Welcome to THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE: An Education Innovation Contest™ .

Applications are CLOSED for the 2022 challenge and the judging/selection process is underway.


What is the

THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE: An Education Innovation Contest™ provides a jumping-off platform like no other.

No idea is too big or too small – spanning a curriculum tool that strengthens learning for students, a technology concept to boost a school’s infrastructure, a platform to enhance teachers’ efficiency or whatever next great idea can enhance Nevada’s educational landscape.


We want to help jumpstart your unique ideas like never before and up to $500,000 in total contest funds is at stake. These funds will (and must) be used to take your idea to the next level – ultimately making a positive impact on Nevada students. 

The official rules and regulations of the BIG IDEA CHALLENGE may be accessed here.