THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE: An Education Innovation Contest™
provides a jumping-off platform like no other.

No idea is too big or too small – spanning a curriculum tool that strengthens learning for students, a technology concept to boost a school’s infrastructure, a platform to enhance teachers’ efficiency or whatever next great idea can enhance Nevada’s educational landscape.

We want to help jumpstart your unique ideas like never before and in 2022 three winners were awarded a combined $275,000 in contest funds to take their ideas to the next level – ultimately making a positive impact on Nevada students. See the 2022 winner list here! 

The Agassi Foundation for Education and The Engelstad Foundation are leading the charge to find the next BIG IDEA.

Stay tuned for news and updates regarding 
THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE: An Education Innovation Contest™ in 2023!

We’ll be the judge of that!

An esteemed panel of judges selected the winners of THE BIG IDEA CHALLENGE: An Education Innovation Contest™ . The panel made up of business leaders, philanthropists, stewards of education, sports figures and musicians – all collectively active in enriching education through direct work with school systems in K-12 and higher education – is led by a few names and faces known by millions around the globe.

Let’s meet our judges!

Best of luck. We know you’re up for the challenge.